Update: Since I now have more than one short story to share (yeah!), each story now has it’s own page. You can find “Where There’s a Will”, my first story here and another story, called The Subway Girl Incident. I decided to keep this page as a starting point for the short stories, and because there are so many comments here that encouraged me along the way.

You’ll now find links at the right to other stories, under the “Stories” heading.

For those who may have missed it, here’s the original post to introduce, “Where There’s a Will”.

On this page you’ll find a work-in-progress. This is a story I started writing on day 6 of this writing journey. I began by including bits each day, and making edits based on reader’s suggestions. I quickly realized after just three days that I couldn’t continue in the same fashion. So beginning on the 7th day of writing, I added this page as a place to keep the story. If you’re new to the blog, start at the beginning. If you’ve been following along daily , you may want to jump to the newest paragraph. So that you’ll know where that is, I’ll change the text of the first sentence of the new paragraph to blue and make it bold. This means that what gets put in bold and blue will change daily. Make sense?

19 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Intriguing 🙂 i like your husband’s ideas. Let us go along for the ride with you, but limit our influence on your story. You are engaging, interesting, and the imagery is spot on ! Now i want some of that soup 🙂 have a good night.


  2. still intrigued by where your muse is taking us 🙂 oh you might turn on your spell check …… two misspelled words leapt out at me …. “thick” brown bread and “rifles.” i hate to be a spelling nazi but ….. i am 😉


    • Thank you Mary!! Typos corrected now. I see using a free word processing app (versus MS Word) presents me with new challenges. It doesn’t contain all the bells and whistles of Word, so I’ll have to be more diligent.


  3. very good! you describe the scene so well that i’m drawn into the story and find myself silently strolling behind amy and alan. i’m anxious to see what “shorty” has to say! love the name you gave him (same as my son only he drops one of the L’s in his nickname…. as in Wil) 😉 p.s. love your blog too so continue chit chat as well please.

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  4. great job! getting to see a bit of alan and amy’s personalities now and liking them. they seem like a comfortable couple to spend time with. love the coffee house scene with the myriad of books stacked all around….. the books provide so many juicy possibilities for the story to unfold 🙂 one thing i would do at the very end would leave off the name of the next book until the next time (which would be the next chapter in the book i suppose.) you want to end with a “tease” so the reader doesn’t want to put the book down, e.g. end with “what he saw surprised him.” on you go luv.


  5. Sue, you do such a great job writing so that I can create a clear vision in my mind of the story. I can totally see this couple sitting in their chairs, content, not wanting to move for anything….
    I’ll be reading more…they just got sucked down into their seats and are walking through the corridor…
    ; )

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    • Thank you Christy! It was a really fun exercise. I plan to come back and edit this story and possibly submit somewhere, but for now it was just great practice. I’m focusing on editing the novel I drafted during National Novel Writing Month, which will take me forver and a day. 🙂


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