SMBio: Connector, trainer, Kansan, reader, lover of films, ampersands, learning & development, Pippa the dog, wine, writing, & taking joy in the moments.

About this Blog: If you know me in real life, you probably also know I have two other blogs and are wondering, why another one Sue? Because this year I’m going for it – I’m knocking another item off my “50 before 50” list, and taking part in NaNoWriMo! That’s National Novel Writing Month to those of you who aren’t book geeks who spend way too much time thinking about reading, reading, thinking about writing, writing, etc. This blog is to my NaNoWriMo efforts what a practice field is to well, insert your own sports related analogy here. It’s my practice space. I’m getting into shape in September and October, leading up to November. If you’d like to enjoy the ride along with me, you’re very welcome to follow.

My goal is to write for one hour a day, five days a week. Some of that hour may be spent reading writing resources, then writing about them. I may do some creative writing. I may just whine about my day, though I promise not to do that too often. I haven’t decided yet if this means a break from writing my other blogs, Salgrunkshire and Bon Mots or not. Since I’ve not posted on the former since February, you could say I’m already on hiatus from that one. My word blog, Bon Mots is very spur of the moment. I’ll hear or see a fun or interesting word, or someone will share one with me, and I’ll write it up. Those are short little posts, more like a Facebook status update with a few more links. I’ll probably keep doing that one, because really there’s no shortage of good words.

Have a thought about something I’ve written? Share it in the comments! I’ve also got a few friends and family who give feedback via text and email, and that’s appreciated too. Just want to read along without commenting? No problem! I’m glad to have you here and I hope I’ve written something you can connect to.

Want to take a peek at the short stories I’m trying my hand at? Visit the Story page.

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