Saturday, November 1st 1:23 PM

I woke up this morning with so many thoughts in my head. The first was…its NaNoWriMo Day! I got out of bed, took the dog out, and made breakfast. During the course of those tasks I found myself straightening every item in sight, looking at things critically and moving them, discarding them, rearranging them etc. Dang it my OCD was coming for a visit. I got a mental image of being back in the dorm freshman year of college. My roommate, who is still my very dearest friend would secretly laugh back then (she was too kind to laugh out loud), watching me get ready to start homework. I would first prepare a cup of tea, always using a cup and saucer my brother had given to me. It was sky blue, and had a design in dark blue of clusters of cherries and a checkerboard pattern. After making the tea I would take out three Nilla Wafer cookies and arrange them on the saucer. Then I’d lay out my homework in front of me. I’d sit back and look at my desk, turn the tea cup slightly or adjust a Nilla Wafer. Then I’d survey it all again before starting on my homework.

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