Sunday, October 26th 2:14PM

Full disclosure: I don’t have tea today, I have coffee. Cappuccino to be exact. This is because I have a deadline and deadlines require coffee. It’s T minus five days until NaNoWriMo. I’m not sure what the T in that equation stands for. Time maybe? Someone Google that please and get back to me.

Prior to November 1st I have some final prep to complete. My goals, not necessarily in this order are:

  • Flesh out my story outline
  • Review story outline to confirm it includes: Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3 as well as Plot Point #1, Mid-Point, and Plot Point #2
  • Review again to confirm I have an idea for an opening scene, a confrontation, a “rug pulling” scene where the plot changes direction, and a resolution or “end game”
  • Review again and decide if there are enough obstacles to make it interesting
  • Firmly identify the antagonist
  • Name all the main characters
  • Develop descriptions for all of the main characters (history, physical description, likes and dislikes, etc.)
  • Regularly thank my husband for his support of this project (he kindly said nothing today when I loudly cursed both a tube of lipstick and a pen, and kicked both him and the dog out of the room and shut the door – kicked figuratively, not literally)

So…I’ve got some work to do.

And I’ve made progress today. In between writing that list of goals and this sentence more than an hour and half have flown by. I’ve sufficiently fleshed out my outline with lots of obstacles, scenes, and tangents. I don’t think it’s too many. I think it’s just enough to give me the bones to add flesh to when I start writing on November 1st.

I’ve also settled on names for the main characters. That was oddly difficult. I’ve renamed my main character four times. Finally there was just one name that I kept hearing that felt right for her. And over the next few evenings I’ll get those character descriptions down on paper. That will really help me visualize how these people will act and react to the scenes I write. This is getting exciting folks!

And now that my coffee cup is long empty and my timer went off ages ago, it’s time to get onto that last item and say thanks again to my husband and give sweet Claire (the dog) some attention. Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Sunday, October 26th 2:14PM

  1. you would be correct the T stands for time 😉
    And you’ve done a lot of work! Sounds exciting – it feels like you’re excited and gearing up.
    Will you tell us how it is going when you start? Or maybe I’ll just have to poke you every few days or so to check in with you on instant message 😀
    Hugs – looks like the Royals are still in the running – so exciting!!! And it is awesome that the final game is in KC!!!


    • Thanks Ingrid! Tony filled me in on the T too. And he shared there’s also E minus, where E stands for Event. Maybe that would be most fitting for me. As for telling how it’s going, I’ll probably work out some way of doing that via facebook and twitter. Maybe I’ll post my word count – I think I’m brave enough to do that. 😉 And yes – the Series is intense but the Royals are still in it and…I believe!!


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