Sunday, September 21, 6:01 PM

“I’m going in!” This is what I sometimes say to my husband when I go into the reading and writing room (as I now refer to my daughter’s former bedroom), tea cup in hand, and shut the door behind me. It sounds as though I’m plunging into the unknown, because that’s exactly what it feels like for now. I haven’t thought ahead about what I’ll write in the The Story or say here. I just know that I need to write if I want to make this a new habit. It’s a tiny bit harder to do that after two days of not writing. I may have to rethink my schedule when we get to November, and start NaNoWriMo.

I’m expecting that once I wrap up The Story at the end of this month, I’ll be using this hour to plan on my novel. Wow. That sounds so strange to my ears. But if I am going to have a go at it, I do need to stop just freewheeling the story telling, and draft out what I plan to write. At least that’s what I anticipate. I can’t imagine writing something longer than a few pages without having thought through the plot line and sketching out the characters.

But for now, it’s time to move Amy and Alan on in their adventure…

That’s done. I didn’t add more than a few paragraphs to The Story today, but I drafted the ending (which you won’t see until tomorrow or the next day). Don’t expect a cliff hanger today. I didn’t want to wrap it up quite so quickly, but I was nearly out of time and had to stop. If I’ve done this right, you probably have an idea how I’ll wrap up. But hopefully I find a way to do it that you feel satisfied with. If not, well, I’ll have drafted my very first story and that’s an accomplishment I’m grateful for.

Tea cup check – nearly empty. Until next time…

September 18, 7:28 PM

I flipped my schedule tonight. Who knows. Maybe last night’s unintentional diversion with the cell phone restore/update that took up most of my evening opened up something in me to try things a different way. Tonight we got home a bit later after running a small errand for my parents. It was nearly 7:30, and we hadn’t had dinner yet nor had I worked out. Though I didn’t know quite what I wanted to write, my fingers were practically itching to get to the keyboard. As I looked through the fridge, picking up and setting down the usual Trader Joe’s lemon chicken salad (I eat this about three nights a week), I was restless. My husband knew this and said, “How about I make you a cup of tea and you go off and write now?” I didn’t have to think too hard about that. I kicked off my shoes, dashed off for my desk and cracked open the laptop lid.

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Tuesday, September 16, 7:46PM

Today over lunch I read a couple of chapters in a book written by Julie Mangano, someone I only know via social media, but feel a connection to as we’ve chatted several times. Her book, Braha weaves family history into an intriguing story with mystery, romance, and more. I’m really enjoying it. And as I read today, I paid a bit more attention to the form as well as the content. And I realized, well, I realized, I have a lot to learn! I know nothing about writing dialogue, keeping characters consistent, creating a history for them, deciding how a chapter will flow, and on, and on, and on.

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