Monday, September 22 7:54 PM

Oh, Monday. You were in fine form today. No worries though. The earth did not stop spinning. There’s still tea to be had. And I’m here at my keyboard again. I am suffused with gratitude. Suffused, now there’s a good word. Might have to add that to my Bon Mots list. But that’s for another day. For now, for tonight, I’m determined to wrap up The Story.

There. It’s done. I’ve completed it. And it has a title now, “Where There’s a Will” I admit it’s not very original or clever. But it works for me. And the only book I could find with the title was what seemed from the cover to be a steamy romance, which this is clearly not.

My tea cup is long empty now. And oddly while I’d very much like to know your reactions, my own is not what I expected. I am almost more excited now that it’s wrapped up then when I began. Because, well, because I did it! I’ve written my first bit of creative writing that I’ve chosen to share with the world. And while I do hope it entertains you, it’s okay if it’s not your cup of tea…so to speak. I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything with this story, other than look at it and be thankful that it taught me I can do something different.

Thank you all so very much for coming along for the ride. Until next time…