September 18, 7:28 PM

I flipped my schedule tonight. Who knows. Maybe last night’s unintentional diversion with the cell phone restore/update that took up most of my evening opened up something in me to try things a different way. Tonight we got home a bit later after running a small errand for my parents. It was nearly 7:30, and we hadn’t had dinner yet nor had I worked out. Though I didn’t know quite what I wanted to write, my fingers were practically itching to get to the keyboard. As I looked through the fridge, picking up and setting down the usual Trader Joe’s lemon chicken salad (I eat this about three nights a week), I was restless. My husband knew this and said, “How about I make you a cup of tea and you go off and write now?” I didn’t have to think too hard about that. I kicked off my shoes, dashed off for my desk and cracked open the laptop lid.

And then I did another about-face. Tonight instead of drafting this chit chat post to you all first, I went over to “The Story” to see what was happening with Amy and Alan. I took them another step down their path, and had a thought about an ending. As usual, if you’d like to see the next bit, find the story here, and look for the paragraph that starts with a sentence in blue, bold font.

After getting a sense of how I want to end Amy and Alan’s adventure, I made a decision. I will wrap up “The Story” by the end of this month. Maybe by then I’ll have thought of a title. Then I’ll use October to prepare for NaNoWriMo. I’ll make an outline, write character sketches, and learn what I can about the process in that short time. I want to be as ready as I can be come November 1st when the fun begins. When I’m doing that there’ll be no daily post on this blog. If you want to stay in touch with my progress, I may come up with a way to share how it’s going. For now, at least through September, you’ll find me here.

My time is nearly up, and my tea cup is empty. Until next time…

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