September 18, 7:28 PM

I flipped my schedule tonight. Who knows. Maybe last night’s unintentional diversion with the cell phone restore/update that took up most of my evening opened up something in me to try things a different way. Tonight we got home a bit later after running a small errand for my parents. It was nearly 7:30, and we hadn’t had dinner yet nor had I worked out. Though I didn’t know quite what I wanted to write, my fingers were practically itching to get to the keyboard. As I looked through the fridge, picking up and setting down the usual Trader Joe’s lemon chicken salad (I eat this about three nights a week), I was restless. My husband knew this and said, “How about I make you a cup of tea and you go off and write now?” I didn’t have to think too hard about that. I kicked off my shoes, dashed off for my desk and cracked open the laptop lid.

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