Wednesday, September 17, 9:08 PM

A couple of things I need to tell you straight off. I do have tea; I will always have tea. But first, it’s quite a bit later than I normally write. It couldn’t be helped. And second, and even more upsetting to me, there will be no addition to “The Story” tonight.

No cause for concern, really. It’s just an unexpected delay because I elected to update the operating system on my phone. And while millions will do this with little to no problem, and my husband had just done his upgrade moments before without issue, I had an issue. I had to completely restore my phone. If you’ve ever done this you know that it’s a long process requiring infinite amounts of patience. And after a full day at the office, working out, being tired to start, and expecting to have a meal then get to the keyboard and write, patience was not something I had buckets of. I was ticked off. I may have said foul words (I did). I may have been shouty to my spouse (I was). Thankfully my spouse is made of tough stuff, and after a couple of hours of this nonsense he made me a cup of tea and asked if I needed a hug yet; I did.

I’m a creature of habit. And not being able to follow my established routine is extremely disconcerting. It puts me out of sorts. It’s when my human side is at it’s most human. I’m not a fan of this overly human side. I would prefer to be patient and on an even keel 24 x 7. But that’s not who the spirit in me is. Sometimes I’m shouty and foul and in need of a cup of tea and a hug.

And that’s okay. I could give myself a stern talking to and berate myself for my behavior. But I won’t. Because I know who drives my bus. And that thought, when I pause to reflect on it is enough to fill me with peace.

Ahhhh. I still have more than half a cup of tea. Life is good. Life is always good, even when it doesn’t look like that.

So…I’m letting go of the “must dos” and “should have dones”. There will be no creative writing tonight from this keyboard. Well, maybe there will. Actually, there was. I decided to have a mini creative diversion and write an entry on my bon mots (good words) blog. I wrote about the word “jangly”. What a fun word! If you care to read you’ll find the post here.

I still have a bit of tea, though it’s gone cold. Thanks for bearing with me on this little diversion to routine tonight. Sometimes diversions are just what we need. I’m going to embrace mine. Till next time…

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 17, 9:08 PM

  1. Haha I love it – even your rants are beautifully written. And I love that you’re human! And glad that you have a husband made of tough stuff and also knows when you need a hug. I have one of those too. Thank God for that 😉
    And does the pigeon drive your bus??? Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus… One of The Best children’s books ever!
    😉 but really I know who drives your bus
    I’m heading over to you bon mots blog…. Didn’t know you had one!

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