Tuesday, September 16, 7:46PM

Today over lunch I read a couple of chapters in a book written by Julie Mangano, someone I only know via social media, but feel a connection to as we’ve chatted several times. Her book, Braha weaves family history into an intriguing story with mystery, romance, and more. I’m really enjoying it. And as I read today, I paid a bit more attention to the form as well as the content. And I realized, well, I realized, I have a lot to learn! I know nothing about writing dialogue, keeping characters consistent, creating a history for them, deciding how a chapter will flow, and on, and on, and on.

Now, that thought could send me fleeing back to the comfort of my couch and another episode of Fringe. But instead, it’s got me excited. Maybe I can learn. Surely I can learn. I’m not suggesting it will be easy or that it won’t require some serious effort. But just like my pal Ingrid is taking an online photography course and trying out her knew skills, I can do this.

It seems clear that I need to spend time researching writing classes and other resources for new writers. Now, don’t get me wrong. I always knew that if I ever wanted to have a serious go at writing, I’d have to acquire more than just a new desk and lamp on which to place my laptop. I’d need skills. But before, I didn’t give it more than a passing thought. I felt like until I had a somewhat solid idea of what I might actually write, what would be the point? But now, well, now could be the time.

There is one resource I started taking advantage of recently. It’s a blog by and for writers, called “Beyond the Margins”. In it’s own words, BTM is, “A blog, a sounding board, a daily dose of insight.” Several writers I know on facebook contribute and post links. I used to glance at these posts and think, “Cool” and that was that. But recently I decided to follow the blog and I’m so glad I did. Today’s post for example is on the business of naming characters. Really good stuff.

Tea cup check: nearly 3/4 gone and I haven’t written a word in “The Story”. Time to dash over to the other page. Wait here, won’t you?

Thanks for waiting. Ready for the next installment? Find it here. Don’t forget to look for the bold blue font to start at the current day’s section.

My tea cup has been empty now for ages. So until next time…

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 16, 7:46PM

  1. Seriously Sue I am loving this story more and more. I could just feel the excitement and joy that Amy and Alan were getting from looking at the photos of things they long to do…. you really have a gift with words. I know you feel unpolished and that there is so much to learn… but seriously, you have a gift to nurture and it I think with the right training and support will blossom. I love how you are sinking your teeth into this new journey and “getting dirty” 🙂 Its a bit scary – maybe? – at least I know my photo stuff is for me! I feel at times like “oh I want to do this so bad… but what if I’m not good enough” and than I will be left on the sidelines watching all the other “kids” doing what I long to be able to do and do it well….. at least that’s my silly little voice in the back of my head. Will look forward to hearing about what you’re learning and even more seeing how it impacts what is already a good story… writing is a complex process isn’t it? A great book seems so effortless and easy, but I can imagine the hard work it takes to create the structure and scaffolding needed to do it, do it consistently throughout a story, and do it well. xo – see you tomorrow friend!


    • Yes, yes, yes, Ingrid! There’s a sense of eagerness to do this well, combined with a little of the scary. Not fear, of course. You and I both know we’ve nothing to fear. But sort of an energized anxiousness that can give us fuel to keep trying. I really love that we’re on these creative journeys in tandem. I appreciate that you see a budding talent in this endeavor. It’s funny with this story; stays I really don’t know where it’s going to go. It’s a bit like telling a bedtime story to my daughter. And I like that. Thanks again for being here. xo


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