Monday, September 15, 7:16 PM

And here we are again. I have tea and a saucer of very thin lemon biscuits to indulge in while I write (thank you husband!) Though I think less indulging and more writing would get me closer to my goal. Thank you to all who come to read. Even if you never leave a comment, I’m grateful you’ve been here.

WIN_20140915_191227In case you’re wondering, this is what I look like when I’m sitting at my computer, sipping a cup of tea, and thinking what to write next. Though quite honestly, most of my writing comes without forethought. Yes, there are some ideas I have when I’m brushing my teeth, driving to work, picking a wine at Trader Joe’s, or emptying the dishwasher. But for the most part, so far, most of my words come when I stop thinking and let my fingers do the walking, so to speak. Or so to type. Or well, you know what I mean. Don’t you?

Thank you friend Mary, for telling me you like the chit chat as well as the story. At the risk of sounding dramatic, if I couldn’t chit chat, I couldn’t live It’s just who I am. It’s how the spirit moves within me, if you like. I work at an engineering firm, and many there are introverts. And not just the engineers. Some of my teammates are introverted as well. These people have helped me learn that being an introvert does not equate to not loving your fellow man. These people may not be as effusive in their praise or as ready to tell you everything they did at the weekend, but they can be quite personable. And sometimes they share descriptive and interesting stories, if you’re only willing to take the time to listen. And these often lead me to story ideas.

But I digress. It’s time to move away from this page and over to the as yet unnamed story. I keep waiting for a title to present itself. To immerge, like the sunlight after a summer storm. But so far, nothing. Nada. Nill.

Well, once again my tea cup is empty. If you’d like to read the latest installment in Amy and Alan’s adventure, you’ll find it here. Till next time…

3 thoughts on “Monday, September 15, 7:16 PM

  1. Had to come back after reading 😉
    I like where you’re taking it all and the imagery continues to be great!
    For some reason the whole idea of this story keeps making me think of The Night Circus… have you read that book??? Oh, if you haven’t, you should. It is such a good book – mysterious and a visual treat. Anyway – can’t wait to keep going with Amy and Alan on their adventure…


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