Sunday, September 14, 4:14 PM

Two days away from the keyboard and returning was a bit harder than expected. Oh, I knew there would be days like this. But just like starting a new exercise routine, pressing on even when you aren’t sure you want to is what’s needed to establish a habit. And whatever it is I’m doing here, trying my hand at creative writing, connecting with friends old and new, one goal is most definitely to start a new habit.

One question I’ve been asking myself is, am I using this hour productively? And of course I’m the only person who can answer that, because defining what “productively” means in this scenario is up to me. When faced with a question such as this at work (am I on the right track?) I always go back to the goal. Is what I’m doing taking me closer to or further away from the goal? Merely writing for an hour is okay. But writing creatively is the bigger goal. Given that, I think I need to spend more time on that effort, and less on chit chatting here, fun though it may be. I don’t want to give up the chat completely, as this is often how I work out my next step. And for some, it’s what gives me a chance to connect with you off the page, so to speak.

So with my tea cup half full, I’m stepping away from this page and going to another, to write the next part of the as yet untitled story about Amy and Alan.

Want to learn what happens next? Read the story here. As before, if you wish to start just with what’s new, look for the text in bold indigo blue font and start there.

After writing for a good 30-40 minutes, I paused to check my word count for the story. Then I checked the NaMoWriMo site to remind myself of the guidelines. Yep, to “win” (anyone who finishes wins) you write 50,000 words in 30 days. That’s an average of 1,666 words a day (Um, did anyone think about that before setting the goal? Maybe they should have gone for 49,000 or 51,000 instead). I looked back at my story and calculated I’ve been writing it for 5 days. At that rate, I’m averaging just over 400 words a day. Oh my. Clearly I need to think and write faster. I have work to do to get into shape for November. But that thought isn’t daunting. On the contrary, I’m getting more and more excited as I get further into this process.

But for now, my tea cup is empty and it’s time to make dinner. Until next time…

One thought on “Sunday, September 14, 4:14 PM

  1. Wow – that is a lot of words… you can do it though! I Like where the stories going – figured I’d leave my comments here for the day rather than adding to the ones on the story page… see you tomorrow!

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