Thursday, September 11, 7:41 PM

I think I need a bigger tea cup. Some nights it feels I’ve just sat down to write, then I lift my cup and it’s nearly empty already. I have more ideas brewing tonight than time in my hour to explore and write. I’m grateful for this. I know not all days will be like this. I am fueled by the encouragement I’ve received, and excited to carry on.

Today I learned about modal verbs. I was thinking about the story I’m working on in this blog, and what the theme of it is. While I hadn’t set out intentionally to create something around a specific theme, it’s taking a definite shape in my mind. I’m seeing it as a story about what could have been and what could be. These are similar, but different. The first is about past ability and the second about possibility. I found some interesting information about this on the British Council’s website.

This line of thought then led me to research modal verbs. I don’t recall learning about these, do you? I like this phrase I found, “modals of deduction”. I need to think about this, and I’m not sure it’s relevant to this story or my writing in general, so I’m setting it aside for now.

I asked my husband for feedback on last night’s post. He gave me some very sound advice: own the story, write the story in your own voice and don’t question your stream of consciousness writing. He said he knows that I enjoy getting all of your suggestions, but he also encouraged me to write what comes to me. Well, at least I think that’s what he was saying. I’d already set my writing timer before he started giving me feedback, and eager to get at the keyboard, I rushed him out of the room after just a couple of minutes so I could start writing.

And in a way, what he said validates what I’d been thinking today. I didn’t get a lot of feedback on yesterday’s post. I got some positive encouragement that it was liked and I should keep going, which I greatly appreciated. And some of you said you looked forward to the daily installments in the story. So I came to a decision. Rather than carrying on including a few paragraphs in each daily post, I’m starting a new page on this blog just for the story. It’s there that I’ll keep adding to the story, and if I choose to, I may go back and do editing there. But the full story, or as much of it as I’ve written to that date will be in one place. Then, if someone should happen to want to read it but they’ve only just joined me on day 10 or 12 or whatever, they don’t have to go back and read each daily post to get it all. And I can keep editing to my heart’s content without driving you all mad by repeating bits of the story over and over.

So I’m off to add a bit to the story. If you’d like to read the latest installment, you’ll find it here. Look for the paragraph that starts with a sentence in blue bold font.

And now that I’ve done that, my tea cup is empty. Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Thursday, September 11, 7:41 PM

  1. I agree with your husband. It’s a great start – keep going. I’ve been meaning to tell you about a website that Avery spends tons of time on: quotev
    People publish their own stories for others to read. And you can do it in installments and people can subscribe, etc. I think it is see up for the idea that you could start a story and keep adding to it – and even open it up for feedback, etc. my daughter reads a lot is stuff from there. I think it’s kinda cool. I’m sure the good and great is very mixed with the bad…. But I love the idea.
    Just a thought either for now or the future. I like the idea of the extra page – makes a lot of sense!


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