Thursday, September 11, 7:41 PM

I think I need a bigger tea cup. Some nights it feels I’ve just sat down to write, then I lift my cup and it’s nearly empty already. I have more ideas brewing tonight than time in my hour to explore and write. I’m grateful for this. I know not all days will be like this. I am fueled by the encouragement I’ve received, and excited to carry on.

Today I learned about modal verbs. I was thinking about the story I’m working on in this blog, and what the theme of it is. While I hadn’t set out intentionally to create something around a specific theme, it’s taking a definite shape in my mind. I’m seeing it as a story about what could have been and what could be. These are similar, but different. The first is about past ability and the second about possibility. I found some interesting information about this on the British Council’s website.

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