Wednesday, September 10th, 8:10 PM

“Yes, Yes! Better! Keep going!!” That was the first comment on last night’s post, from recently reconnected high school pal, Ingrid. She’s currently living in China, and just started a cool photography project on Facebook, with the hashtag, #‎300HappyChinaDays. Go look! She takes these wonderful slice of life photos, that give you a view of Beijing through her eyes, and what keen eyes they are.

Ingrid’s been a cheerleader for me on this writing project since day 1, and I’m so thankful. She’s given candid and critical feedback that’s helped me look at things a different way. And Ingrid’s not the only one. Many of you have given me thoughtful and useful comments. Thank you for each and every one. I know it’s not always easy to be constructive, but what you’re providing is not only helpful to the piece I may write, but it’s encouraging. Just knowing people, some I haven’t even met “in real life”, and some I haven’t seen in person in more than 30 years are reading and taking the time to give me their insights is motivating.

Okay, time to crack on. Have you got your cup of tea?

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