Saturday, September 6th. 5:16 PM

I’m feeling restless. This isn’t the time I’m usually writing. Who am I kidding? “Usually” doesn’t really apply since I just started this writing habit on Monday. Maybe it’s because instead of my usual cup of tea I’ve got a glass of iced tea. Or maybe it’s that it’s daylight and I usually write in the evening. I have the shade open on the window my desk is in front of. I thought I might be inspired by the wee birds flitting around the trees and bushes outside the window. But it’s a bit hard to see them through the smudged glass which is in serious need of a cleaning. Yet I’m not inspired to clean it.

I have an hour or so on my own and I’m not sure how I want to spend it. Unfortunately, my husband has a headache and is laying down for a while to try to get rid of it. With this time to myself there are so many things I could do. I could read (maybe), watch some TV or a film (feels like a waste of the afternoon), clean (yeah right; we already covered my lack of desire in that department), or I could write. Do I want to write right now? I don’t know. My goal when I started was to do 5 hours a week. I loosely planned to write for an hour each on Monday through Thursday, and one on Sunday. Since today is Saturday, it feels like I’m doing something out of synch. Maybe that’s good. It’s nice to know I’m already thinking about having a pattern or habit of writing, enough to be aware when I’m veering from it.

And now I’ve just spent about 45 minutes writing a scene. Yes, you read that right; I wrote a bit of a scene. This is exciting (to me) as it’s the first creative writing I’ve done since college. There’s no fanfare with trumpets to herald this moment though. Instead I have a noisily panting dog sat near me, regularly nudging my leg with her snout.

Back to the scene I wrote. Nothing really happens in it. There’s no dialogue. No action to speak of. It’s just a description of a young woman going to the symphony for the first time, and being completely taken in by the sights and sound of this live performance. Yes, those of you who follow me on social media will know this was inspired by my own first trip to the symphony last night with my husband and my mom. Here are the first two sentences, just to show you all I really did write:

“Sylvia settled into her fifth row center seat. She took a deep breath and gazed around her.”

Well, I hear my husband moving around upstairs, so I’m hopeful this means his headache is better and he’s getting up. The dog has wondered off to investigate (finally!).

My ice tea glass is empty, so until next time…

2 thoughts on “Saturday, September 6th. 5:16 PM

  1. I’m glad you told me your schedule… when I woke up a bit ago I looked for a Friday email and wondered 🙂 That’s not to put pressure on you, but to let you know that I look forward to seeing what you are up to each day. And a scene is good – inspiration from your own life is the best place to start! I love the symphony and your pictures of it reminded me to add to my photo list the Performing Arts Center here in Beijing – it is absolutely beautiful – by a french architect – most of the great modern architecture in Beijing is not from the Chinese 😉 Anyway, a first trip to the symphony could be a good opener for a book… what do you want to write about? Mystery? Love story / Romance? Intrigue and espionage :)… maybe all of the above? Can’t wait to see where you take it! And I hope Tony’s headache is better so you guys can have a nice night. It is a VERY polluted day here… Susan Rice is supposed to arrive today and we figured they would turn on the fans in the Mts and we would have good air – maybe it will come soon – she doesn’t arrive until this afternoon I think 😀 xo I guess I’ll “see” you on Monday!

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    • Thank you Ingrid! I’m so glad you look forward to these. I expect to publish Sunday-Thursday. The idea I’ve got for a story is perhaps in the slice-of-life or life stories genre, if that’s a thing. Please do take pics when you can of the Beijing performing arts center. I know I can google it and will, but would love your take on it. Tony’s heads still not great put he’s up and pushing on. We’re watching an episode of Vera on DVD (British murder mystery) on loan from a dear friend. Hope you enjoy your Sunday!


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